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How to Jimmy Vegas: It’s such a drag world  

How To Jimmy Vegas – Our 5th Show

We are featuring our fifth show today. We talked to the amazing JC Lopez and Alizae Brooks, who have lots to say about the Las Vegas entertainment scene.

Alizae Brooks and JC Lopez

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I just got done filming my sixth “How to JIMMY Vegas” show, and it just keeps getting better and better. I talked to Stepanie Danderson from NGRA Big Horn Rodeo. She is in charge of all the entertainment and contests. We talked about all sorts of things happening here in Las Vegas and got to know the Current Miss Gay NGRA, Tequila Mockingbird!  

Stephanie Danderson, Jimmy Emerson and Tequila Mockingbird

I was a judge for the NGRA Rodeo Idol contest. It was a fun night with lots of friends from the rodeo circuit. I am also looking forward to performing at the Big Horn Rodeo on May 25. I am appearing with several entertainers, including Keyska Diva, Nadia M. Louis, Fanny D. Pack, Steven Wayne, and Cloe.

Lots going on all over Las Vegas. This weekend is the famous EDC event, and the city will be filled with people. So be careful out there and watch for the “party people.”  

Another event happening this week at our favorite gay resort, The Bent Inn, on Thursday, May 16, at 8 p.m. is Rockstar Aaron’s very popular show, Forbidden Bingo!  I’m going to stop by and give him a kiss on my way to the Flex Club to be a part of the “My-o-My” show.

You might have noticed we are including our new Community Highlights feature in my column on the alternate weeks we aren’t broadcasting the “How To Jimmy Vegas” show. We invite our special guests to drop by the studio and fill us in on what they are doing. We will have some fun, educational and interesting clips in the next few weeks. Watch out for a special guest from our regular contributor, The Center; players from our local softball league; and our dear friend Rob Schlegel, who gave us a very important update on his Progressive Voters Guide. Keep an eye out for that weekly newsletter. We are all about the community.  

As I mentioned in an earlier column, I will be appearing Monthly at “Oscar’s Cabaret” in  Palm Springs every third Tuesday. I love working in Palm Springs because these are my people!! The crowds are always mature (that’s slang for “old”) and fun to perform for. Oscars is located at 125 E Tahquitz Canyon Way, Suite 108, Palm Springs, California. Visit 

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