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Revelations from the Edge

The Must-See Weekend Film Festival to Honor Donald Sutherland’s Career

By Mike Mankiewicz
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Donald Sutherland has been nothing short of brilliant for more than six decades. He has played so many different roles, and all of them are a delight to watch. I know you’ve seen him in The Hunger Games, and everyone is going to have their favorites.

One of my favorite things to do is laugh. I think you’ll see that in most of my Weekend Film Festival to Honor Donald Sutherland!

Klute (1971): The Intense Detective

Start your film festival with Klute. Sutherland steps into the role of John Klute, a private detective drawn into the dark underbelly of New York City. The chemistry between Sutherland and Jane Fonda is why this thriller remains a classic of the genre.

M*A*S*H (1970): The Original Hawkeye

Next, lighten the mood with *M*A*S*H*. As Dr. Benjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce, Sutherland brings sharp wit and irreverence to the role. His performance captures the absurdity and dark humor of wartime. I wouldn’t be surprised if another actor picked up a few tips for creating the perfect blend of comedy and drama.

The Dirty Dozen (1967): The Reluctant Soldier

Sutherland plays Vernon Pinkley, a convict turned soldier as part of a suicide mission during World War II. Despite being part of an ensemble cast, Sutherland’s performance stands out. Pinkley’s impersonation of a general is one of the film’s highlights.

Kelly’s Heroes (1970): The Eccentric Tank Commander

Sutherland puts a smile on your face every time Oddball, the unconventional and free-spirited tank commander, comes on the screen. Oddball’s laid-back attitude and quirky personality provide a unique addition to the ever-growing crazy cast of gold thieves. His catchphrases and offbeat wisdom add a layer of eccentricity that makes Kelly’s Heroes unforgettable.

Max Dugan Returns (1983): The Detective with a Heart

Finish your weekend with Max Dugan Returns. Sutherland plays Brian Costello, a police detective dating Nora McPhee. Nora is a mom struggling to make ends meet on a high school teacher’s salary whose financial situation suddenly starts to improve. As Brian navigates his budding relationship with Nora, he uncovers the true identity of her long-lost father-in-law, Max Dugan, and where he got his briefcase full of cash.

Donald Sutherland’s career is a testament to his versatility and enduring talent. Each film offers a glimpse into the different facets of his acting prowess, making for an unforgettable popcorn-filled evening or weekend. Enjoy the show!

Mike Mankiewicz
Mike Mankiewicz
Mike Mankiewicz worked in radio for 35 years, which is why he is such a smart alec. He loves to make fun of everything, including himself. He will write about why free movies kick booty and why people act so goofy sometimes, and he will always remember that laughter is good for the soul!
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